yesterday, i was sitting at the mill coffee shop and the elderly couple next to me was sipping tea, holding hands, and tearing up over something they were looking at on the screen of their laptop. i happened to look over and noticed that they were looking at senior album of their granddaughter. i looked closer and noticed it was a senior i shot a month ago. this is why i do photography. life amazes me.

logan is another example of why i do photography. a lot of the seniors i have shot this season i have had the amazing pleasure of knowing ever since their freshman year and some their whole lives. it’s so awe inspiring to me to see these people in my life do epic things and truly blossom in ever facet of themselves. logan is one of those people- and i’ve seen this guy become one awesome dude over the past four years. i can’t wait to see him around unl next year and doing epic with his life.  p.s. i wish i could steal his style. he’s got it goin on.

enjoy logan! 🙂