i love these guys so hard. but really. they are both beautiful inside and out and more than that- give their lives and love for others. it would be an understatement to say that this day was most rad in every way possible. i am beyond honored to have been invited to capture their love- and what a love it is.

kaylee and marc’s wedding, relationship, family, and every other piece to their day was absolutely magical.

this is why i love photography.





Sage -

Wyn, that light painting photo of the old man.. WOW. Amazing!

Marc Jr. -


Man, Grandpa Arn totally stole the show. That’s an amazing picture.

Kalen -

Wyn, these are incredible!! I can’t wait to see the rest:)

Elizabeth -

Agree with Marc about Grandpa Arn! Best picture I’ve ever seen of him! Wish I could’ve been there! Looks like a blast! :D Congratulations Marc and Kaylee!

Brittni Shaw -


These pictures are absolutely amazing. You look stunning! Congrats!

God Bless,

Brittni Shaw

Kerri -

Wyn, these are wonderful! I agree with Kalen–can’t wait to see the rest! :)

FatherOfTheBride -

Wyn, these are fabulous! I can’t say that I’ve ever seen wedding photos that tell the story of the Great Day as well and with as much artistry as these. Awesome!

Mary Anderson -

I love everything about these pics! Your photography is, as always, so inspired, Wyn, but the subject matter had to make it easy. This couple is so precious, and everything about the wedding and reception made me want to be their friend, and be a part of it all!!!!! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Naomi -

Wyn Wiley, this is some really incredible work you’ve got going on here! Really – wow, inspired.x

Sachin Khona -

Damn! .. So good!!