we went to florida. we tanned on the beach. we got drunk. we made out with 39 frat boys. we lived the gtl life. we motorboated snooki. and we have the photos to prove it.


we stopped in yutan, ne at jeris’ cafe to meet hannah’s grandparents for lunch. i had a pizza burger. you’ll never hear of it unless you go to jeris’ but its freakin delicious. go to jaris’ sometime- you won’t be dissapointed. the people, food, and husker memorabilia are where its at.

hannah’s grandpa gave himself a tattoo while he was in jail for stealing a neighbor’s cow. he’s a badass.

after lunch we headed to the grandparent’s house. hannah, p.j. and abby crashed for a nap while i stayed up and chatted with hannah’s grandma. i wasn’t expecting it to, but our chat turned into a good hour long conversation about photography. i really learned the value of an image as she gave me a tour of her house. we laughed together, we cried together, and most of all, we celebrated life together. she made my spring break.

then we wen’t to a farm. it smelled like shit and the cows hocked loogies at us and gave us death glares. it was rad.