things over the past two weeks-

-life never happens as you expect it to happen.

- i bought 10 movie soundtracks last week and they are the coolest. movie soundtracks rock.

-though i loved europe, but i could never live there because they don’t have ranch dressing.

-the journey is the destination.

-who want’t to be a millionaire is harder in europe because it’s all british trivia.

- holy frick french accents.

- life is like a wave. resist and you’ll get sucked in, swim with it and you’ll come out on the other side okay.

- i love getting lost. and the only thing i love more than getting lost is taking pictures while i’m lost. whether it’s lost in a new place or new culture there’s something amazing about creating art in an unfamiliar place.

-being away from home has made me realize how much i love life in nebraska. it’s a forgiving place here. i like it and it’s people more than i love cats. which is saying something.

here are some instagrams of my time in europe. for now i’m off to bed. jetlag sucks.


also, these are all edited using the one, the only, vsco cam. if you have an iphone, download it. it will rock your pixels off.

Danica -

Dude you rock. Just saying. I guess your photos do too :P I’m jealous of your traveling but at least you are kind enough to share your adventures with me. PS. love everything you’ve learnt over the last two weeks.

- Danica

Danica Cheetham -



Danica Cheetham -

Dude you rock. Just saying. I guess your photos do too :P I’m totally jealous of your traveling but at least you’re kind enough to share them with me. PS. Love everything you’ve learnt over the last two weeks :)

- Danica

Tyler Ray -

These are really great Wyn, they make me want to look at plane tickets! A friend of mine did Japan with an iPhone and it was also really great, too. I’ll be taking mine with me on my next trip.

Mary Waring-Wiley -

Never really saw all these pictures you took in Europe last summer. Awesome!