i poured my heart and art into these two.

they poured their heart and art into me.

we are a ginger power trifecta. try to mess with us.

Gina Otto Zabloudil -


Kevin Kuehl -

I especially like that last one.

Lindsey Shepard Charnay -


Cheyenne Rose Selvy -

holyyy crappp! you two are so gorgeous! Wyn….you are amazing. These are stunning!

Rachel Foehlinger -


Nathan Russell -

wow wow wow. so gorgeous.

Ben Bird -

Amazing work!

Geri Packard -

He is a great photographer!

Wyn Wiley -

thanks kevin! high fives.

Theresa Covert Loken -

…no words

Mike Olbinski -


Regan Jeffery -

I absolutely love these picture! Eden Joy Diehl and Ivy LeAnn Diehl you guys look AMAZING. :)

Ivy LeAnn Diehl -


Saige Hastings -

That picture looks kinda creepy..

Travis Baehr -

EDEN AND IVY! dang. and WYN! dang. so. good.

Heather Buell -

these are so good

Carrie Solomon Schultz -

Wow! So artistic!

Nicole Stull -

Thought this was seriously for Urban Outfitters, beautiful as usual ladies!