i can’t begin to tell you guys how much this summer has changed my life. for starters, i was able to travel so much and photograph so many different people and places. i feel endlessly blessed by the amazing people i work with on the daily and these two are no exception. megan and marcus trusted me with the huge, freakin huge, honor or capturing their day. and well, this is what i captured.

p.s. megan and marcus rule and their wedding ruled and holy heck their family and friends are kick ass and to give you an example of this awesomeness, the brides brother was a groomsman and is a professional yoy-er. yes. you heard right. see below for proof.

David Lopez -

Absolutely amazing! You are incredibly talented!

Eileen Kottmeyer -

Great pictures. it was a fun night!

Liz Joyce Braun -

Awesome photos! So glad to be a part of an incredible day!

Kathy Urbina -

Awesome photos. Looks like everyone had a great time! So sorry that I wasn’t there.