i’ve had this wedding edited and ready to post for quite some time. i just couldn’t get myself to share this wedding til i found the right words. and it pissed me off. waiting days, and still nothing. then i found these words written by andria lindquist. and they were perfect. ”not as obvious when it’s missing, but impossible to ignore when it’s present. that aura about a couple that just emit the truest, most pure love. you cant ignore it.”

being around jordan and matt makes you want to be in love. it makes you want to feel what they feel.  jordan and matt have left me with a joy and an admiration for what a wedding can mean.

their love struck me.


Marty Wolfe -

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Congratulations, Jordan…and family!

Shirlee York Poyser -

HOW BEAUTIFUL! It is amazing how you can feel your love for each other through these pictures. Congratulations and God Bless!

Ginger Luick Colton -

Beautiful beyond words, Wow!

Marcy Tofflemire Johnson -

Beautiful bride, Beautiful setting, Beautiful pictures! Simple but so Elegant! ~ Congratulations!

Brenda 'Hauver' Rupke -

Absolutely beautiful…you can see the love and happiness of your family. Congratulations!

Jade Ashley Chamness -

Jordan. I have tears running down my face in South Korea as I’m looking at your photos. You are exquisite. The love and joy you share with Matt is radiating out of these pictures, and has taken my breath away. Of course. I am thrilled beyond words. God is so good. Love to you both.

Jade Ashley Chamness -

P.S. your photographer is AMAZING.

Jillian Kesner -

I started reading this and kept thinking “Jordan … Jordan …” and then I was like “THAT Jordan!” her last weekend in SF was my weekend with you all in 2009. :)

Melanie Anne -

This is so breathtaking Jordan. Congratulations on finding what so many of us hope for. The black and white picture of you and Matt with your foreheads together and eyes closed exude love and grace, and truth that this whole union is greater than anything on this Earth. May God richly bless you sweet girl. :)

Paige Mathew -

I am seriously overwhelmed with how beautiful this is. You two represent everything pure and wonderful, it’s truly amazing. I love you both!

Joy Newell -

I have never seen a wedding post that has actually made me feel the love that a couple shares together. Not only could I feel that with these images, but I could feel it from the entire group of people that were present that day. I’ve heard of many people wanting small and intimate weddings, but this is so much more than that. You can truly feel the love that was present and it’s overwhelming! I honestly am the pickiest when it comes to wedding photography but these images (apart form being well taken and beautiful) TRULY tell a story in the most honest way. Wonderful job!

Angela Newton Roy -

This post took my breath away several times. I don’t know this couple, but you allowed me to feel their love. Exquisite!