i don’t even know how you can call this a senior shoot. this is straight up badassery.

Sidney Morgan Photography -

love these. I love her hair.

Amelia Sutton -

these are so. good.words won’t do them justice, so: adfodif;ojadlf.

Marlon Foto -

I’m sure it was hard to take a bad shot of this beautiful young lady. Well done.

Taylor Byers -

omgsh these are absolutely breath taking. Taylyn you are gorgeous. Love them ALL!

Mary Waring-Wiley -

Why isn’t she modeling for real? Send her to NYC!

Kim Morgan Carveth -

Agreed…and that son of yours is something else!!! Absolute genius…I get chills every time I look at his work!

Susan Farrer Shephard -

What great photos! Nothing like my posed serious BORING senior photos!

Natalie Brening -

wyyyn has a cruuussshhh la la la la laaa la!

Mark Grantham -

Stunning good photos…doesn’t hurt she’s drop dead gorgeous.

Mary Waring-Wiley -

Wow Kim…chills?? Sooooo nice of you to say! We need to get together….do you have time for lunch sometime soon?

Tori Ray -

She’s absolutely stunning, and these pictures are SOLID. <3