well would you look at this.

Karen Obrist -

I am seriously speechless and blown away. So much variety and beauty in these images. And THAT LAST FRAME- WOAH. You are so incredible inside and out and I’m so happy to know you! :)

Stacy Kron -

Oh, wow, Wyn! I love every frame of this session… especially the dust explosion and the wind-blown hair shots. :) So fun! Sorry for the technical question, but do you use a reflector? Or just natural reflectors? I love the quality of light in your photos. Keep up the awesome work!

Wyn Wiley -

hi stacy! i use all natural light. i really don’t like using reflectors and flashes etc. too much work. i’m lazy. YOLO

Wyn Wiley -

well shucks. you’re makin me blush. thank you SO much karen :)

Abbey Moore -

Holy shit!!!! These raise the bar for senior portraits.

Stacy Kron -

Right on! I agree :) Thanks for the reply! I always love drooling over your images.

Amanda VanVels -

WYN what the heck. nailed it.

Peter Nop -

Great work Wyn! I never get bored looking at your work!

Whitney Harms -

so beautiful! great work mr. wyn.

Thijs Bosma -

This is phenomenal. Nailed it with every single shot.

Dave Ferguson -

Cheers mate, love them as always!

Mostafa Wahab -

focking nice

Paolo Taverna -

Just amazing Wyn great work! last one is out of the league!

Caroline Walker Evans -

wooooaaahhh those are beautiful!! ahhhh so lovely! I’ve never seen senior portraits look that good! And that little lady is just absolutely stunning. Perfect combination of beauty and innocence.

Amelia Sutton -

I don’t even know what to say. these are a+++ level work. you are off the charts, man.

Mary Waring-Wiley -

Beautiful…Takes your breath away!

Cindy Miller -

Totally amazing Wyn! Especially love the portraits with her horse! Magical!

Ellie Berry -

in love. these are phenomenal. like wow. awesome awesome work.

Rubin Itermann -

“Rubin Itermann started following you”. And stalking. Maybe. I don’t know. Yet. ;) Great work!

Kathi Busse -

Richtig, richtig gut! :) Danke Rubin!

Rubin Itermann -

Wofür? :D

Brian Davis -

Epic senior session!

Lauren Oltmann -


Laura Beekmann -

Gorgeous! You definitely have a knack for seniors!!!!!

Tori Ray -

She is sunshine!

Natasha Ray -

These shots are absolutely stunning! Such a variety of beautiful captures. I am envious! I’m trying to find a photographer to take my senior photos, it is too bad that you don’t live in California! I would have loved for you to taken mine!