i feel so blessed to work with absolutely amazing people like rebekah. and holy heck those blue eyes.

dance around the sun.

Kathi Damme Janssen -

Absolutely incredible!!

Mary Waring-Wiley -

These are georgeous and so is the young lady!

Laura Pensack -

you shoot in the best locations ever! like where do you even find trees like that? and the antique shop is awesome. it’d probably be tough to shop in, but it makes for awesome photos.

Jordyn Ferriss -

I hate you you’re so amazinG!

Nancy Zorn -

Glad he is doing Rachel and nicks wedding

Meredith Adams -

oh my gosh Wyn, these are sooooo stunning. She is so beautiful.

Connor Knight -

She is one beautiful girl! You captured her beauty perfectly.

Laura Rettig -

These pictures are awesome, not sure how you can pick which ones to order.

Millie Manalili -

Where are those trees at?

Emily Beardslee -

These pictures are beyond stunning!

Tori Ray -

Goodness each set is complete magic. COMPLETE MAGIC. I paid 700 for my senior pictures and got a tiny booklet of 35 images that I wasn’t even allowed to post online. You’re photographs are so worth the price.

Natasha Ray -

Love the locations! She is gorgeous.