according to statistics if you order a pizza and call an ambulance at the same time, about 2 out of 5 times the pizza will arrive first?

oh, and i blogged kristina.

someone call an ambulance.

Ellie Berry -

everything you do is so awesome. love love love these.

Stephanie Louise Mitchell -

She is just gorgeous! What great photos!

Sydney Svehla -

Sooooo beautiful Kristina!

Susan Bath Zander -

Oh my, these shots and so lovely and real!

Julie Zvolanek Spiers -

Beautiful. Kristina is darling with a capital D. Your best work yet.

Christy Coulter Tanner -

Such a pretty girl! Photos are excellent.

Nancy Hove-Graul -


Dylan Howell -

dude man. this set.

Ben Gin -

ermagerd… my. senior. photos. sucked. #whygodwhy

Idris FLury -

really like them, but…can I give u some critique?

Rudolph Edward Luciani -

Where’s the noodz?!

Marcy Petrini -


Ellie Petrini Skriletz -

Yes, she is! See, @[1448746682:2048:Kristina Zvolanek], even my sister thinks so! :-) XO

Matthias Triet -

hihi … von scharfen beinen kann da nicht gesprochen werden ;)

Drew Harrington -

straight up set on point