i’ve wanted to do a music inspired shoot for a while now and last weekend, with the help of my friends, we made it happen. the images below tell the story of “guiding light” by muse. you can listen to it HERE as you scroll. thanks for taking a look.

PHOTOGRAPHY- Wyn Wiley Photography

MODELS- Emily Solo & Preston Kelly


WARDROBE- David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress and 40 dollars of fabric from JoAnne’s Fabric Store. That’s how we do it.

see the video version HERE.

Emily Solo -

See the video version with music here!

Amelia Sutton -

every stinkin’ time I see a new blog post of your latest work, I think, “There is no possible way Wyn can get more amazing than this!”…and then you do! so fantastic, friend!

Aaron DuRall -

What?!? This is amazing.

Amanda VanVels -

okay that last shot….really? really wyn?

Anna Roberts -


Sondra-Ali Moghadam -


Zach Sutton Photography -

Excellent work

Ashley Virginia Haug -

So beautiful! I love her hair, she is stunning!

Erin Oveis Brant -

oh c’mon! are you really from this planet?

Natalie Joelle Schwarting -

Wynn! These are incredible! I don’t even have words. You are so talented!

Zack Zumbek -

shut up this is insane.

Jenny Linquist -

Tim Burton would crap his pants over that last shot.

Sara K Byrne Photography -

this is pure ridiculousness.. wyn, you good.

Nelly Wamuyu Thoithi -

I don’t know you but I have a crush on you! actually, on your work! wow! I’m speechless!

Elissa Rïnehart -