straight up one of my favorite seniors of the year. this was a really fun day, guys.

it was 30 degrees when we took these photos. honey badger don’t care.

Dorothy Huynh -

what a beaut.

Karen Obrist -

That last frame is my fave- I love the sewing machine and all of her laughter. You kill senior portraits, Wyn!

Khanh Ng -

Wow dude wow.. how much planning that went on this shoot? Amazing!

Jaime Wattier -

these are so great! love the locations too!

Jenny Combs -

all in all AMAZING! as usual. I’m an avid follower :) I wish that you had done a few more serious faces with her though. Those are soooooo beautiful. the B & W in the broken house and the B & W in the middle of that tree are amazing! YOU INSPIRE ME WYN <3.