if you know maddie, you know she is the most passionate, loving, incredible mom. and she does it all with a shaved head.

if you know augie, you know he can down a good 10 cookies in a minute. also, one time he fell down on the shoot and scraped his hand, got back up, and said, and i quote, “i’m gucci mom.”

i could not think of a better way to spend an afternoon than with these two.

Sam Hosman -

Wyn wyn wyn. Adorable.

Sidney Morgan Photography -

these are bananas.

Nessa Kessinger -

that black and white shot where he’s running with a balloon is insanity.

Jordyn Ferriss -


Lauren Bowman -

So great. Love the personality captured

Melissa Robin -


Jennifer Jarl McCombs -


Rachel Prentiss -


Calli Webb -

Honestly does not get any better than this. Beautiful locations, beautiful people.

Anita Thuna -

These pictures tells you a story so beautiful and precious. I think I’ll agree with Sidney as I can’t find the right words……..these are bananas Wyn! Keep em coming :)

Karen Obrist -

These are so beautiful and full of life- she makes me want to cut my hair even shorter- and dang that mama has a great booty! Way to capture the spirit of these two! :)

Dorothy Huynh -

wyn, these are TOO GOOD. oh my gahhhhhhhhhhhh. you are talent.

Sarah Rose Cusson -

these seriously couldn’t be better. In love.

Amanda VanVels -

so frickin’ cute.

Mark Rodriguez -

This is the cutest kid in the world.

Andrea L. Norris -

These are so amazing wyn! You are so talented. I can see the way you make me feel through your photography. Never change that!

Corrie Jo Lundberg -

good stuff.

Laura Dennis -

Definitely some of your best work Mr. Wiley! LOOOOOVE. and -

Very cool. Best new year from and!:)

Alicia Marie Fierro -

I just want to live in these. from the styling to the locations to the beautiful emotion you captured…. these are some of my favorite lifestyle photos of all friggen time.