it’s just a life lesson that things don’t always go as planned. the day of the macklemore concert this happened to be the case. we got the go ahead from macklemore and his management to do a shoot with him and his crew before the concert, but macklemore ended up spending most of the day on his back, at health clinics and in his bus sick. they didn’t even know if he was going to give a concert.

but, he endend up performing and to make up for the shoot not happening, they gave us backstage passes to shoot the show. what we didn’t know was how amazing of a show it was going to be. we witnessed sweat, love, tears, a same-sex proposal, horse masks, thousands of people’s views changing about gay marriage, and way too many fur coats.

to top it all off, macklemore promised AND pinky promised that we would get to photograph him before one of their concerts this spring. we take pinky promises seriously.

here are some images from the four of us, josh solar, christian gideon, nathan stracke and wyn wiley.