here are some photos from 2012. there are way too many photos here. i do not care. these are moments that i love of people that i love.

2012 you were so damn good to me. i could not do what i do without the people you see below. thank you for being a part of my life, friends.


Daniel Muller -

Good things.

Kam Stueckrath -

wow. stunning!

Andrea Oswald -

damn, this kid knows what’s up.

Kam Stueckrath -

yeah he does…and a great catchy name too! :D

Amanda VanVels -

WYN! xoxoxoxoxo

Karen Obrist -

Yes. Stoked to be in this- it was an incredible day with you and SO needed. You are so stinkin’ talented it kills me- but makes me burst with joy too :). Keep setting that bar- your work is too good and keeps getting better. Amazeballs.

Kenzie Kate Floyd -

you are SO EFFING talented, it is unreal. sincerely hope our paths cross someday!

James Melia -

Just awesome

Ruth Nichols -

Aww =) Wyn, THANK YOU! I’m glad that I got to be a part of your beautiful artwork!