today i’m blogging a piece of my heart.

i’ve known brooklyn since high school because she happens to be a photographer too. it’s been so exciting to see her work grow into a beautiful business and give so much joy to so many people. a few years ago, i was even more excited to hear that brooklyn began a relationship with a wonderful guy named trevor.

last summer, brooklyn and trevor’s lives changed forever.

in a text from a mutual friend of ours, i learned that trevor was killed in an auto-accident just outside of lincoln. but life didn’t change once for brooklyn and trevor. it changed twice. 

a month later, brooklyn learned she was pregnant with trevor’s baby. an unexpected gift that means trevor would live on forever. 

brooklyn has taught me that everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. i wish each and every one of you could meet brooklyn and experience her strength and smile after so much hardship. stories like brooklyn’s are why i do photography. never has a set of photos ever been so important for me to create. i want baby trevyn to know how much her dad loves her and how much he would love to be with her today. her life defines photography’s importance in all of our lives. 

these aren’t maternity portraits, they are family portraits.

my good friend kaylee koenig did a beautiful video piece on brooklyn’s story too. if you’d like to watch, you can click play below.