these past two months i’ve been traveling a lot. here are some pictures of the sights.

but more importantly than pictures, here are some things i’ve learned from the people i’ve met in my travels.

and more importantly, here are some promises i’ve made to myself.

being a good photographer isn’t enough. i promise to make a positive impact on people’s lives and one of the ways i can do that is with a camera. but, there are others and i will dedicate this next year to finding those avenues.

kids have more fun. i need to be more of a kid.

you don’t need to change what you do, you might need to change why you do it.

there’s not a lot of company in the extra mile.

everyone in this room will be successful, but the real question is- will it matter?

if your life is moving a million miles an hour you’re in everyones way.

life is going to fail you, it’s full of people.

photography has taught me to always try to find the beauty in everything in life. i’ve lost some of that lately. i promise to get it back.

if you don’t enjoy your own company, who will?

it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

i promise to be a life long learner.

i promise to spend more time with family. (cats included)

never make eye contact with anyone eating a banana.

ordinary does not equal insignificant.

it’s okay not to be okay.

i’ve learned that success comes at a cost- there is no free lunch. i will leave it at that.

music is the perfect solution to a bad mood.

i promise to listen to more this american life and to read more.

there is no place like nebraska.

 thanks for listening- wyn