nebraska met texas in texas. nebraska took texas back to nebraska to get married. these are those photos.

i like these people and their people a lot.

Laura Newlands Epperson -

fantastic photos!

Kay Anderson -

Amazing photos. Beautiful family!

Nancy Siepelmeier Badertscher -

Well done!

Julie Berger-Moore -

Absolutely beautiful!

Marina Ryan -


Deb Raatz -

What a beautiful couple they are! Gorgeous photos

Brandi Mussack -

Absolutely lovely.

Crystal 'Malone' Johnson -


Linda Taylor -

What a fun day! Great pixs!

Brandi Ann Slobodnik -

Wyn, can you say where the reception was at? Looks small but beautiful! Great pics, as always.

Kathi Damme Janssen -

In case I haven’t already told you, thank you for capturing the day. Your work is amazing, and so are you :)

Dawn Arnold -

Oh, Kathi! Beautiful!