i’m sitting here in a coffee shop in complete awe of the 374 entries for the senior give away contest. you know what that means? not only are there 374 humans nominated but 374 people took time out of their lives to try to help support another person. so really, there are 748 people that jumped into this bowl of awesome. at the risk of sounding cheesy i have to say that i am blown away at the goodness in this world. it’s definitely been shown to me through doing this. holy beep. and, at the risk of sounding cliche, i was amazed at every single entry and what people had to say about these kiddos. man oh man.

i’ve spent the last two weeks reading about these people and out of the 374 nomiations this is what stood out. and woops, in true wyn wiley style, i couldn’t pick just one winner so guess what?

there are 5 winners. no way i could ever pick between these 5.

these guys are getting senior sessions on me. they deserve it. one thing that was common with all of them is their huge selflessness. these people live for other people’s happiness and it’s time they get some thrown back at em. you wanna see their faces? here ya go-

we have landon beard! 

we have…wait for it- twins!  ava and elenna leininger!

we have andy ngo!

rounding it out we have soreti teshome!

the thing is, the world is so cool and these kids are going to set the world on FIRE with their passions. more to come on each one of these guys and specifically what they’re doing to make the world great when i shoot and blog their sessions. 🙂

i’ll leave you all with these inspiring words from beyonce- “the great thing about mcdonald’s is that they have a lot of different things on the menu. i love their salads.”