//imma bout to lay some serious ish on you all//

“what if the internet went silent? what if there were no likes? would it change the photos you took? would it change what you posted on social media? what if the only way your grandkids could remember you and get to know you was through looking at your instagram or blog? what would you post then?”

i heard my friend sidney say this in a workshop last month and it’s completely changed my views on social media & what i post. i used to only whip out my camera for a photo when life was picture perfect & i used to only post the most shimmery shiny perfect moments of my life. but then i asked myself- what’s the point? don’t get my wrong here- of course those photos are great but there’s SO much more life out there to capture, share and be remembered. i mean hey, for me, some of the most meaningful moments i want to remember are the blurry photos i take on a tuesday night with my friends at midnight hanging out on their front porch eating mcdonalds.

so what are you doing? are you only posting a photo when life is pretty or perfect or #indie? or are you posting the things you want to remember about your day? for myself, i’m going to try to use instagram as a little journal of my life. i’m going to ask myself- what is the moment or two that i want to remember about today? & then take a photo to remember that moment. so from here on out you’re probably going to start seeing some different stuff here on my instagram. my photos will probably be less “epic” and i wont be on a cliff of a mountain or on a beach in every post but my photos will be a little bit more happy and a little more real. that’s the stuff i want to remember.