real talk. i do photography because of people like kierin. people that have no idea how beautiful they are. people that i can hang out with and get lost in photography and in making images. people who are just plain good ones. i’ve known her and her amazing family for the past 4 years or so and they are a blessing to everyone they meet. kierin was my show choir camper every summer and about a month back we met in omaha to shoot her seniors. hard to believe this one’s all grown up. love you kierin!  Kierin blog_0234 Kierin blog_0235 Kierin blog_0236 Kierin blog_0237 Kierin blog_0238 Kierin blog_0239 Kierin blog_0240 Kierin blog_0241 Kierin blog_0242 Kierin blog_0243 Kierin blog_0244 Kierin blog_0245 Kierin blog_0246 Kierin blog_0247 Kierin blog_0248 Kierin blog_0249 Kierin blog_0250 Kierin blog_0251 Kierin blog_0252 Kierin blog_0253 Kierin blog_0254 Kierin blog_0255 Kierin blog_0256 Kierin blog_0257 Kierin blog_0258 Kierin blog_0259 Kierin blog_0260 Kierin blog_0261 Kierin blog_0262 Kierin blog_0263 Kierin blog_0264 Kierin blog_0265 Kierin blog_0266 Kierin blog_0267 Kierin blog_0268 Kierin blog_0269 Kierin blog_0270 Kierin blog_0271 Kierin blog_0272 Kierin blog_0273 Kierin blog_0274 Kierin blog_0275 Kierin blog_0276 Kierin blog_0277 Kierin blog_0278 Kierin blog_0279 Kierin blog_0280 Kierin blog_0281 Kierin blog_0282 Kierin blog_0283 Kierin blog_0284 Kierin blog_0285 Kierin blog_0286 Kierin blog_0287 Kierin blog_0288 Kierin blog_0289 Kierin blog_0290 Kierin blog_0291 Kierin blog_0292 Kierin blog_0293 Kierin blog_0294 Kierin blog_0295 Kierin blog_0296 Kierin blog_0297 Kierin blog_0298 Kierin blog_0299 Kierin blog_0300 Kierin blog_0301 Kierin blog_0302 Kierin blog_0303 Kierin blog_0304