i want to tell you guys about a conversation i had this week with a friend. we got on the subject of starting a business and a bit into the conversation he said- “well everyone is already doing everything” and for the most part that’s true. and for lots that’s the HUGE mental wall that stands in their way of starting a business or putting their passion or art or big idea OUT THERE. but i think this is exactly the reason TO start something. because the catch is- it’s all about your twist. in your life have the chance to do something but in a way that no one has before. when i started my photography business people, in fact most of my closest friends 1. didn’t fully believe in me and 2. thought “here comes another photographer” & i’m just going to be honest here and say i hope i’ve proved them just a lil wrong. my life is the way it is now because i decided to take a chance on following my passion and say hell no to anything but living out my passion. lemme break it down another way- there’s a whole lot of burgers out there in this world but there’s not a whole lot of in-n-out burgers. be that in-n-out burger. (it’s late ok).

it’d be my biggest dream come true to see each and every one of my friends follow their passion, throw a normal life out the window, live by their gut and run like hell with their idea to change it all up. there’s so much passion and accomplishment and self worth hidden in your work if you align it with that heart of yours. and so i challenge you to take that little seed of an idea and give it some water ever now and then. see what happens. (side note- if you’ve never eaten in-n-out burger go do it right now.)