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sharing the story behind the photos is just as important as the photos themselves 10/10 times for me. it’s the whole “it’s the journey not the destination” sort of thing because why i do what i do is because of the people i get to meet and the life i get to share with them far more than the images we end up with. however, because of my lack of writing talents, many stories behind shoots are just told to my best friends, family and to the people that might attend a workshop or conference. this time around though, i wanted to share the story behind the photos to you.


this is my friend anne.

anne came into my life four years ago when i took her senior portraits. from the get go, anne was on fire for life and we instantly connected as friends. after high school she left nebraska to play college volleyball in tennessee (yes, she’s a d-1 athlete, too) and after a few years down south i got a call from her. anne was heading back home to nebraska to pursue another passion- food. so, anne came back to lincoln and over the past year has been workshopping an idea to open an oatmeal business.

and day by day, this idea became a reality and helping oats was born. through her dedication and passion she won runner-up at the UNL entrepreneurship competition receiving $25,000.00. to follow that up, her family and friends including her sister liz who put together helping oats web design, our friend marcus who made her farmers market booth, emma who helps run the booth and our friend zack who did her branding all banded together to help make this idea become a reality. turns out it is true that it takes a village and  i love that so many friends had a helping hand in helping oats. it’s really special to me that photography brought anne into my life and it’s the peanut butter bannana pretzel crunch on top that i had the chance to take her branding photos.

ps- her oatmeal is SOOOOO good. if you live in lincoln, you can stop by the farmers market any saturday this summer to try a cup and new flavors!

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