I’m so excited to announce the FOURTH round of the OWN IT WORKSHOP and PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER WORKSHOP! 

These workshops have brought perspective, learning and conversation to uncover the brilliance and uniqueness in so many photographers’ lives. When I was a young photographer, the thing that made the biggest difference was face-to-face conversation and interaction. This is where I learned about the art, the why, and the heart behind the photos from photographers I looked up to.

Now-a-days, these workshops are my way to give back and pass on the love that was given to me. Every year I look forward to each round of workshops- they just keep getting better and better. I’m so excited to hopefully have you attending one of them in 2018!

Who- This workshop is for all photographers whether new to the industry or looking for a refresh after a few years in the business no matter your passion or niche.

What you’ll learn-

-interacting with clients and direction/posing approaches

-social media strategies

-finding good light and working it to create looks/feels

-how to market yourself to the clients you want

-how to direct and pose your clients for authentic emotion & photos

-post processing with photo mechanic, lightroom & photoshop

-a live shoot with a model on location where we can put what we’ve learned about to the test

When- Sunday, Jan 14th, 10am-5pm 

Where- Lincoln NE, at The Studio LNK

Cost- 700.00 a person- lunch and dinner included! (14 spots open)

Fill out the form below to reserve your spot!


Who- This workshop is for all photographers looking to hit the refresh button on their business. If you’re looking for ways to direct your clients, make more dolla dolla billz all while feeling like your business is as efficient as possible then this is the workshop for you. 

What you’ll learn-

-client interaction/direction

-editing and workflow

-capturing real emotion/moments

-running a profitable business

-client experience

-social media and how to be seen/market yourself

-using your uniqueness to your advantage

When- July 9th-12th

Where- Breckenridge Colorado

Cost- 1450.00 a person- meals and lodging included for 4 days! (16 spots open)

Head to OWNITWORKSHOP.COM to apply!!

Thank you so much!!