hello! i’m wyn!

i’m in a band with my cat. he meows while i eat oreos. it’s indie.

when i’m not busy with my band, i’m taking pictures. i’m 19 years old and hail from the corn fields of lincoln, nebraska. over the past few years i have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people and have had a ton of fun along the way.

i do photography because i love people. when you hop on board with me, you’re not a client, you’re a friend. with me there’s no set style, no method, and no niche. and why? because i don’t want to shoot any one thing. i just want to have fun shooting rad stuff and meet good people along the way. so, if that’s shooting your wedding, your portraits, or your cat’s portraits. sweet. i’m game.

random tid-bits-
-i can say all 50 states under 30 seconds.
-i am a ginger and i do have a soul.
-i like sour patch kids.
-if i were a cartoon character I would like to be someone from pokemon because they always look so cool and they seem to have perfect hair.
-happy people make me happy.