it’s hard to put a price on photography and for me, there’s no standard answer here.

every shoot is unique, so every price is unique. if you have something you’d like me to shoot- drop me a line and we’ll arrange a fair deal. some ballpark rates are listed below. 

senior portrait experience 1000.00

full wedding packages (including engagement session)- 4500.00

portrait/headshot work- 500.00

















































Kaity Hoefer -

Kaity Hoefer
[email protected]

Hi there Wyn! So I’ve seen your work on Facebook and absolutely LOVE it. I have friends from Student Council that you’ve taken pictures of, and I have stalked your blog and Facebook page ever since. Anyway, I need some shots of me with my crown and sash for autograph cards. The catch is that I would need to schedule this ASAP, as I would need the autograph cards before March 5th.. I’m a terrible procrastinator. Anyway, if you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be wonderful! I was thinking just an hour photo shoot and wherever you would want to go for location I’m cool with. I live in Lincoln on the weekends, but I’m willing to take off of school to get some shots done. Just let me know! Thank you SOOOO much!!

I tried to put this in the Contact Me field, but it would not go through.

Lynae Frerichs -

Hi Wyn,

I am interested in more information on your services. Have taken a look at your portfolio/website and think you do amazing work! Can you share with me more info on pricing? Specifically, I see that you charge $100/hr for portraits, just wondering if you then have people buy prints from you or offer a package with digital images. Would be interested in family pictures along with 1 year pics for our son, sometime in June/July, if possible. Thanks so much for any info you can provide!!


Trisha Curtiss -

Hello! Just wondering what your print costs for seniors are (i.e. wallets, 8X10′s, etc.) any ball park?
Trisha Curtiss

Chris -

Hey Wyn!

My name’s Chris, 18, from Fort Worth, Texas. A friend of mine recently discovered you and I instantly fell in love with your work after she showed me. I just started about 3 months ago doing outdoor portrait photography.

Long story short, do you have any useful tips or tricks?

And what do equipment do you use?

I recently racked up on a bunch of equipment (light reflectors, lens’, filters, etc.)