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When I first picked up a camera I never looked to formal education to teach me photography. Instead I had some incredible mentors/educators/photographers that taught me a lot of REEEAALY important things about this industry and believed in me more than I ever believed in myself. They taught me some of the basics, sure, but what really stuck was the hands-on and the “let’s talk about this” and the nitty gritty/get down to business/this is actually what it’s like to be in the photography industry. They also instilled in me that photography is about encouraging others in this field to all take the best photos and love on people as much as we can and THAT’S what’s made me who I am today. Now, I’m taking that love for people + my passion for teaching and with a lil drumroll…I’m announcing my first set of photographer workshops!!

Lets break it down- these workshops are focused around hands on learning and conversation to explore the ins and outs of the hustle. After these workshops I’m confident that you’ll feel more prepared to kick ass on shoots, make more meaningful art and believe in yourself.

Some people from past workshops say the following jazz about me + workshop-

“Wyn’s workshop was everything I thought it would be and more. The day was full of valuable information, laughter and so much inspiration. I’ve been to workshops in the past where I felt intimidated and hesitated to ask questions for the fear of sounding stupid, but Wyn was so genuine and humble…I felt like I was talking to a friend.  I left the workshop not only with a few more tricks up my sleeve, but with a newfound understanding of why I do what I do.”

“Wyn does something in his workshops that very few photographers do. Instead of focusing on the technical side of things, he taught us to reach deeper. I learned that the most important part of a photograph isn’t the picture itself but the people invloved, the stories behind the lens, and the journey getting there which makes you who you are behind the camera. He invited us to step outside our formulaic ideas and let the joy of the journey and the faces in each image inspire us to create the art we make.”


Who- This workshop is for all professional photographers no matter your passion or niche.

What you’ll learn-

-interacting with clients

-social media strategies

-finding good light and working it to create looks/feels

-how to market yourself to the clients you want

-how to direct and pose your clients for maximum awesomeness

-post processing with photo mechanic, lightroom & photoshop

-a live shoot with a model on location where we can put what we’ve learned about to the test

When & Where- dates TBA but fill out a contact form below to get info on when upcoming workshops will be held.

Cost- 700.00 a person (12 spots open per workshop)